Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Introduction to the Blog

Hello all, I really do hope that you come to read this. You see, there is so much stuff available on the internet that its really hard to find some thing like this. The internet is an unimaginably vast entity, large corporations have server farms that hold terabytes on information, smaller ones use other facilities. All in all its a massive jungle of zeroes and ones, the primitive building block of our massive interet universe. Out of the 7 billion people who inhibit this world, it is unimaginably hard to get the attention of the ones who surf the internet. And yet here I am, trying to get some attention from the world towards my one little tiny teeny little blog. I guess that makes me an optimist and thats just the beginning.

We live in a world where there is no one right answer to almost any question. Even the basic 2+2=4 is not a reality. There are alternatives, options and so much more than a single mind can achieve. This little blog is my personal space, a place where probably I can give words to my thoughts, but its much more than that. Its a place where every thing can be discussed, from sports to studies, from aerospace to politics, from science to religion from any thing to every thing. What I intend to do with this is, is to use it as a platform for some thing bigger very soon (if it develops which I sincerely hope that it will).

So log on and help me help us together. Amidst the byte pollution lets add more ... Happy Finding

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